CONTACTLESS TILE SHOPPING WITH YOUR REMOTE PERSONAL SHOPPER! (Better than online shopping!)

We are proud to introduce our Remote Tile Sample Selection service for our customers who would prefer to select their tiles from the comfort of their own home or office. After contacting us with the relevant information (detailed below), our experienced and knowledgeable team shall search for a selection of tiles that meet your criteria and record an informative and succinct video from which to choose your tiles. We can then send you samples of your tiles so you can see them in-person and in your space. This process is repeatable to ensure you get exactly the tile(s) you are looking for, and by the online nature of the service, we can conduct this service for anyone located in the UK!

If you are interested, it is very easy and works like this:

Via our contact form, by phone or by Facebook, inform us with the following information:

    1. Are you looking for wall or floor tiles?

    2. What is the colour and the approximate size of the tiles are you interested in?

    3. What finish and texture would you like? (Gloss or matt, textured or flat etc.)

    4. The room you want to use the tile in and whether the area is a wet or dry area and/or subject to heavy or light traffic also the 

        background/substrate the tile is to be fixed to.

    5. Any other relevant information relating to your ideal tile for example stone, porcelain, glass or a specific requirement.

    6. Budget per m2 (if you have one).

    7. Your name (how you wish to be addressed or whom to address the video to).

    8. Your email address.

Once we receive your information, we will respond to you via email with your tailored tile selection video, along with suggestions for grout, trim colours and prices.

A service with YOU in mind

In light of current events and changing conditions, we see this as a useful tool for all our customers to shop safely from their own home, and meet the needs of customers with limited time, transport or mobility when normal opening hours return.

If you are an architect, designer, surveyor, project manger, developer, builder, tradesperson (sorry if we missed anyone) sourcing tiles for their clients, we foresee that this service will be of benefit to you also. We will work alongside you to produce a video sample selection to meet your clients needs, which we can forward to them along with any tile samples required. All this means you have a much faster response, with relatively no downtime, and one rather impressed customer!

For anyone outside of our immediate area as this service can be carried out for anyone within the UK, as you are not required to visit our showroom to use this service.

If there is a tile or several tiles you wish to view in your home/office, we will for a small charge (which is fully refundable on placing an order) send you samples of these direct to you. If you wish to widen your search, or for us to show you other tiles, no problem. We can repeat this service as often as is required and be very flexible in our approach.

If you find after viewing the samples, there is a suitable tile and you wish to place an order, we can help with the amount of tiles required and organise your tiles to be delivered to you - we can also take payment remotely for your convenience.


This service enables you to see comparative tiles in the same place, in a video designed solely for you rather than trawl the internet from one site to the next searching for your tiles. We have access to many suppliers and manufacturers and we are confident we could help you find your perfect tile.

Allow us to search for your perfect tile whilst you save time and stay safe.

Contact us via form, phone or our social media platforms and we hope to hear from you soon!