How we are adapting the way we operate during the COVID-19 pandemic

During these unprecedented times we want to assure our customers we are taking their safety and the safety of our staff very seriously both in our tiling operations and our showroom both of which are starting back to from the 8th of June. I would like to explain some of the ways that we have changed our approach as a company to limit the risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19.


 We have put together a detailed risk assessment which we will be following at all times on the tiling front. . We will formulate a plan with each customer prior to commencing work.

To keep everyone as safe as we possibly can we are adopting the following practices upon our return to work: -

- We will always be wearing the appropriate PPE and will frequently wash our hands or use antibacterial solution on our hands

- Social distancing will always be adhered to

- We will contact you 20 mins - 30 mins before arriving in order for you to get ready for us

- We will contact you once we are outside in order to allow contactless entry and to discuss anything you wish to at that point.

- We will be minimising the touching of contact points i.e. door handles banisters etc. and cleaning these regularly with antibacterial wipes if this can’t
be avoided.

- We will be using a temporary door wherever possible. This is essentially a thick polyethene door that has a zip in it. It is used as a see-through protective screen which will enable you to see and communicate with the tiler during the work whilst still maintaining a safe distance, and being protected from any airborne particles. It also has the advantage of limiting the amount of dust outside the room (not that any dusty cutting will be done in the room, but I am referring to general sweeping up etc.).

- We will wipe down any surfaces we come into contact with within the room we are working and beyond

- We will bring our own food and drink and will be self-sufficient in this respect

- We will not be sharing our tools during this time and will be working solo

- We will not accept help with loading or unloading any materials in or out in order to minimise the risk

- We can communicate via text if preferred or when we need to ask you something or to let you know we have finished etc. Where the temporary door/screen
is in place we can at a distance communicate safely this way also.

- We will discuss individual plans and procedures in the days leading up to us commencing work on your project and may put other measures in place or adapt our plan to incorporate your wishes if it is safe to do so.

We must stress, our client’s safety as well as our employees will always be at the forefront of all decisions made going forward. This also includes the potential of having to close the business at short notice again if the 'R Rate' increases and we are recommended to do so by the government.


Visiting us from June the 8th

We have decided to adopt a booking system for the showroom in hourly slots from 9.30 - 3.30 Monday to Friday and 10.00am-1.00pm Saturday please either ring on 01823 421296 or 07540659605 or email Mark at or visit our booking page on this link

. This ensures you are able to browse without undue concern and in an unpressured way. There really is no obligation to buy whatsoever but this way we will (whilst observing social distancing) be on hand to advise and serve you, whilst leaving you to browse until our assistance is required. If you wish to come back again to browse or purchase or you wish to borrow samples (as you need to see the tile in situ ideally to ensure it is right for you) you can of course do so.  

We will have a few guidelines for your safety and ours and we will run through these briefly before you start your browsing. They will cover the following:-

Emergency exits and meeting points

Social distancing

PPE available i.e disposable gloves and antibacterial wipes for you to use if you wish

Cleaning measures we take before and after your visit

Handling procedures for tiles and tile boards, this is not restrictive and you will be free to handle tiles but we do need to isolate the tiles for cleaning once handled

We are fortunate in that the majority of our tiles are displayed loosely, in our stands.  Unlike many tile shops we don't display everything on boards. We do however have a handful of racks with various boards. A member of staff will happily show you these at a safe distance, to avoid any possibility of contamination by too many people handling them.

Grout/trim selection if required, a member of staff will have a grout chart that they alone will handle and place grout swatches upon tiles from choices made by viewing a second untouched grout chart.

The above measures are not designed to restrict you (and will not detract from your shopping experience) but they will protect all concerned and we do take both our customers and our employees health and safety seriously. Please do observe these procedures whilst in the showroom. Thank you.

Place an order ready for collection from May the 26th

You can place an order for materials with us and we will get your order ready for contactless collection from the rear of the showroom. we will take payment over the phone prior to collection and will email your invoice directly to you.



We are really excited to introduce a new service for our customers who would prefer to select their tiles from the comfort of their own home. It is very easy and works like this.

Tell us via our contact form on this website or by phone or by Facebook  (however you wish or is easier for you) the following information.

1 Wall or floor tile

2 Colour

3 Gloss or Matt, textured or flat etc.

4 The approximate size

5 Any other relevant information relating to your ideal tile.

6 Budget per m2 if you have one

7 Your name (how you wish to be addressed) 

8 Finally your email address 

We will then send you a personalised email with a variety of tiles that match your description given, along with suggested grout and trim colours and prices.

If there is a tile or several tiles you wish to view in your home we will for a small charge (which is fully refundable on placing an order) send you samples of these direct to your home. If you wish to widen your search or for us to show you other tiles its no problem as we can repeat this service as often as is required and be very flexible in our approach.

If you find after viewing the samples, there is a suitable tile and you wish to place an order. We can help with the amount of tiles required and organise your tiles to be delivered at home for you, we can also take payment remotely.

This enables you to see comparative tiles in the same place in a video designed solely for you, rather than trawl the internet from one site to the next searching for your tiles. We have access to many suppliers and manufacturers and we are confident we could help you find your perfect tile.


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