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FREE Consultation

In celebration of lockdown easing, we are offering a free consultation with the purchase of tiles!
(Starting from 12th April for the remainder of this year!)

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What will be covered in my consultation?

Your consultation is designed to arm you with all the information you require to make informed decisions on the products and accessories you wish to include within your tiling project.

We will enlighten and guide you (using our expert knowledge) through the array of options available in an informative and non pressured way, about products that are relevant and compatible with your tiling project.

We will interact with different products to form different combinations, so you have a good idea of the aesthetics each option gives. We will then record your preferences in a presentation folder along with product information for you to keep.

The consultation would typically last 45 mins to an hour, but as we book customers in for morning or afternoon (max two consultations per day per consultant) you would have as long as you require to go through it all.

What is the purpose of the consultation?

It is quite simple really; it is designed to reduce or eliminate the stress of being put on the spot on the day the work commences (which is quite a common occurrence). This often requires immediate answers with limited choice and may cause regret at a later stage.

To use an analogy if you were purchasing a new car you would want to choose the colour, trim, extras etc. On average tiling is replaced every 15 years (a lot longer than a car) during those 15 years a lot happens in terms of product development in both the tiles and products manufacturing process. Many people leave it up to the tradesperson carrying out the work to advise or choose such things as grout and tile trim colours as they are simply unaware of the options open to them (or are put on the spot, on the day work starts), as a retail showroom we believe the customer should be informed of these in order to personalize what is a very visual element of their home which would often have daily use.

What happens during my consultation and what is covered?

Your consultation would take place once your tiles are with us in the showroom, we can use them to demonstrate laying patterns, joint widths and grout/trim colours etc. It would also ideally take place around two weeks before your project commences to ensure everything is in place and ready for you.

1, First things first, we start with a selection of teas or coffees and biscuits, we also have cold nonalcoholic refreshments if preferred (we never skip this bit).

2, We then have a brief overview of your project and discuss what you are looking to create.

3, We will unpack a box of your tiles and use these for stage 1 which is the one everyone gets involved in namely the visuals. This includes laying patterns, joint widths, grout colours and types, trim colours and types, feature walls/borders, finishing details and profiles, thresholds, and silicone colour. This is where your inner designer comes to life. It is also where you can visualize your project taking shape.

4, We then move on to essentials. This section includes preparation materials, adhesives, sealers, decoupling mats, and aftercare products to name but a few. We will only advise on the products that are compatible with your project and will state the pros and cons for each if applicable, to enable you to decide. We can be as in depth or brief as you want with this section but for obvious reasons it must be covered to ensure these elements are accounted for and suitable, to aid in the longevity of the installation.

5, We then move on to extras and services. This section highlights the products that fall outside of essentials but to you they may be must haves, or not (don’t worry it’s a pressure free zone remember), but if you aware of them you get to decide if they are for you. We also cover off extra services we offer (if you are not using our tiling service do not worry, there really is no obligation). In this section we cover Under tile heating, thermostats, Insulation board, Shelves and niches, grout colourants and sealers, Restoration service, re-grout/silicone service, Maintenance program, delivery options and tiling services.

6, After going through all the options and noting your choices, we will compile the relevant product information sheets along with your choices sheet and a your itemized quotation for the products you have selected and place these into your presentation folder to keep all the relevant information in one easy resource.

7, We will follow up with a call a few days later just to see if you have any questions relating to the consultation or if you wish to order any of the products or services we have discussed for your project (again and as always this is not a pressured sales call, it is always your choice if or what you would like purchase and we recognize this).

8, Your items will be ordered in ready for you and placed alongside with your tiles for when your project starts.

How much does the consultation cost?

Whilst we would of course help and advise our customers in the showroom for free during the course of their browsing/purchasing, the consultation service is pre-booked and goes into depth both in practical and technical terms and covers all aspects of your project. At the end you will have a pack to take away and refer to along with the knowledge and watch points to aid you as your project progresses. It does also provide you with a dedicated and uninterrupted consultation and a consultant to provide support and assistance before during and after your works.

The cost for the service as detailed above is just £36.00 inc. VAT. This is our SILVER Package (albeit our high standards, standard). There are premium versions as below.

What is your GOLD (most popular one) consultation and how does it differ from your standard one?

Our Gold consultation is priced at £82.50 inc. VAT and includes the following

Delivery within a 15-mile radius (worth £50.00) or
reduced delivery cost beyond this range.

A video email summary of the consultation showing the
products next to each other and detailing the choices visually, this can be
forwarded to your Architect, project manager or designer and tradesperson
carrying out the work. (worth £40.00)

A cleaning and aftercare pack. (worth £37.00)

What is your PLATINUM (the all singing all dancing one) consultation service?

Our Platinum consultation service is priced at £150.00 inc vat and includes the following: -

Delivery within a 30 mile radius (worth £75.00) or reduced delivery cost beyond this range.

A video email summary of the consultation showing the products next to each other or made up on sample boards and detailing the choices visually, this can be forwarded to your Architect, project manager or designer and tradesperson carrying out the work. (worth £40.00)

A cleaning and aftercare pack. (worth £37.00)

A material specification (M40 spec) with a lifetime guarantee drawn up by the adhesive manufacturer, specific to your project (worth £50.00)

Up to 3 sample boards up to 1200mm x 600mm in size (depending on tile size) made up with patterns and grout choices to view the end result, before your final decision or choice is made (excluding the cost of the tiles to produce these (worth £75.00)

All the above packages ensure you have a clear plan for your project.

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